The Salt Life brand strives to effortlessly combine function and fashion with an incredible fit tailored for the active lifestyle. With its relentless dedication to provide gear and designs that transcend, it has successfully evolved into a lifestyle brand with worldwide appeal.

Whether it’s surfing, fishing, diving or simply enjoying a day at the beach, those who live and breathe the Salt Life have one thing in common... the ocean and all it has to offer!


Grizzly Coolers are made of rotationally molded plastic, which allows us to make our coolers strong and provide optimum performance. The rotomolding process makes sure that each part has a consistent wall thickness and is free of imperfections, and that the products we deliver will hold up to the toughest abuse.

SeaDek non-skid, closed cell EVA products offer safe and comfortable alternatives to molded in non-skid, paint-on textures and other marine traction products currently available. Made in the USA from UV protected non-absorbent foam, SeaDek features an innovative, textured micro-dot surface for enhanced non-slip characteristics.

SaltLife is an ocean sport and performance lifestyle brand. Founded by four avid fishermen, the performance and quality of our optics is essential. That's why we partnered with ZEISS, the worlds leader in optic innovation.
Our sunglasses are polarized to cut through water glare, while providing true color recognition and total UV protection.

Palomar Fishing provides the WORLD’S HIGHEST QUALITY fishing gear at affordable prices to serious anglers everywhere on the planet (and we’re not afraid to say it). Our company is determined to save ALL fisherman, both commercial and recreational, the money they deserve in this costly pastime. Never swap out a lure component again. We did all the “exchanging” for you. Our Reeldiculous Jigs color variety, developed out of extensive research, meet optimum underwater optic levels to attract the eye of any fish in all conditions.

The quality craftsmanship of our products guarantees success from the first strike to the end of the fight. We are proud of our products. We stand by everything we say. Our products are like chains with no weak links. You’ll know the difference the moment you see it.

Our crystal river hotel is a beautiful 50-year-old, 232 acre eco-friendly resort offering comfortable accommodations, a fullservice spa, and is surrounded by the natural springs of Kings Bay. This bay in Crystal River is one of the largest aquifers in the state and home to more than 400 West Indian manatees that migrate each year to the warmth of the springs.  Our onsite activities range from golf to boating and fishing with so much in-between and we offer several specials and packages to help sculpt your perfect vacation!  There's always something fun to do at Plantation on Crystal River!

Consisting of three islands, the Caymans are a haven for snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts alike. Whether it's a swim with stingrays or a dive to explore the remains of one its several shipwrecks, the Caymans offer plenty for the water enthusiast. For a more laid back experience, visit Seven Mile Beach, on which a number of the islands' hotels and resorts are located. The Cayman Islands are a must for the person looking for it all. Come and experience everything offered by this lush tropical paradise.

AFW is the leading US wire leader producer and the originator of the world’s first knottable leader wire. We offer the industry’s most complete line of wire products made in the United States. Our brands include Tooth Proof, Surflon, Surfstrand and 49 Strand.


Known for designing and manufacturing luxurious Brazilian cut bikinis for style conscious shoppers, TeenyB Bikini Couture is the go-to destination for women around the world who are seeking "Less fabric, more looks." TeenyB's mission is simple: to offer the best in Brazilian cut bikinis through a commitment to design, quality and superior customer service.

For more than four decades, C&H Lures are known the world over for catching tournament winning fish. Each and every C&H Lure was designed by fishermen for fisherman. No matter if you’re fishing competitively for billfish, wahoo, or kingfish, or just out on the water for fun, drop back C&H Lures and get ready for action.

Regardless of the conditions, C&H Lures are deadly effective on all striking saltwater fish. The results and legendary product names like King Buster, Lil’ Stubby, Stubby-Bubbler, Alien, Tuna Tango, Wahoo Wacker, Rattle Jet and Sea Witch speak for themselves. Be a winner with C&H!


At Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica rugged individualism and extreme self-reliance are honored and celebrated. Whether you’re an angler or an eco-adventurer—or a little bit of both—your days will be filled with pursuits that demand the notion of carpe diem.

You may wish to come for the fishing, but you’ll stay for the opportunity to stand with Mother Nature and share in all the virtues of this incomparable locale.

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King Sailfish Mounts offers an array of mounted fish, producing both freshwater and saltwater fish mounts and replicas.  Also called Release Mounts, KSM fiberglass fish reproductions provide sportsmen with the absolute highest level of quality and value, and symbolize an age of environmental awareness.  Our skilled artists capture the rich beauty and realism of nature, and under the direction of Marine Artist Raymond Douglas, transform raw materials into the ultimate representation of an angler's most notable achievement.

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